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Genie Solar installs 5725kW solar rooftops for INTEGRA Biosciences

Genie Solar rooftop

Genie Solar, developer, designer and installer of customer made commercial solar systems, completed the installment of an innovative solar rooftops for Integra Biosciences, a developer and manufacturer of medical equipment and other liquid handling devices for Covid-19 testing.  

Firstly, the custom-made solutions for INTEGRA include two installations totaling 572 kW for the company’s facility in New Hampshire. Also, they are helping INTEGRA in achieving its sustainability goals.

Secondly, INTEGRA’s U.S. solar energy project manager, Hannah Trull, said. “These solar installations on our U.S. facilities align with INTEGRA’s global sustainability efforts.”

She also said. “In combination with our partnership with and our new line of products that utilize 60% less plastic, these installations from Genie Solar Energy are helping us to make great progress toward more sustainable global operations.”

Consequently, Genie’s rooftop solution will allow INTEGRA to offset 844,000 kWh; enough power to the annual electricity consumption of 96 houses. Over the next 25 years, the medical company will eliminate almost the CO” emissions equivalent to burning more than 14 million pounds of coal.

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Genie Solar, leading the way of commercial solar rooftops

Trull remarked. “We draw our inspiration from our employees who think critically about their own carbon footprint and also make a difference in their communities every day.”

On the other hand, Genie Solar designed, built and installed the solar rooftops, turning into real leaders in this field. In fact, just in February, Genie energy provided to Kraft Power a similar solution; a rooftop of 57 megawatts.

About that project, Sara Schwandt, CEO of Genie Solar, said. “We designed this project to maximize the return on investment to Kraft Power over the project lifetime utilizing solar panels made in America.”

On the other hand, since 1965, INTEGRA has been dedicated to developing solutions for pipetting and media preparation; while fulfilling the needs of its customers in research, diagnostics and quality control. It has operations in USA, China, also Japan and the UK.

Finally, Schwandt said about INTEGRA’s project. “INTEGRA sought to leverage solar to bring power generation local and to reduce its impact on the environment. The company accomplished both goals and improved its bottom line, demonstrating that wise investments in environmental sustainability can help businesses reduce costs and operate more efficiently.”

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