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SurfCleaner and partner to deploy water treatment tech in the UK


SurfCleaner, a Swedish-based emerging company that develops surface water treatment solutions, teamed up with Briggs Marine to introduce its revolutionary technology to the UK market.

Firstly, SurfCleaner will introduce its transportable hybrid skimmer separator, SCO 1000, to the UK market. It is the first surface water treatment system of its kind in the world. The partnership with Briggs Marine comes after a recent three-week test period at Briggs Marine in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Moreover, in such a period, SurfCleaner’s SCO 1000 machine was able to repeatedly remove 200ltrs of oil from a 9000ltr contaminated tank, in just 15 minutes, including completely removing the oil sheen.

As a result, Briggs Marine is now n the process of securing SurfCleaner’s first product orders in the UK. The expectation is for Briggs to continue processing orders for the Swedish company in the future. Jamie Campbell, General Manager of Briggs Environmental Services, said about the matter. “I look forward to working with SurfCleaner in the future.”

He also remarked. “I can honestly say it is one of the best skimming products I’ve seen in a long time, proof was certainly in the pudding so to speak!” On the other hand, Mikael Andersson, CEO, SurfCleaner, commented. “The move opens up major potential across the UK’s vibrant maritime sector covering harbors, coastlines, and nearshore markets.”

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SurfCleaner seizing an opportunity to drive change in water treatment technology

In addition, he remarked. “The SurfCleaner machines are the only systems in the world capable of removing and separating oil sheen and light hydrocarbons… Aside from being the world’s first dual skimmer separator technology, it delivers a huge range of other environmental, energy-saving, and cost-cutting benefits – making it a truly revolutionary product.”

Furthermore, after partnering with Briggs, the executive remarked that SurfCleaner has a unique opportunity to advance environmental change globally. “With an expanding portfolio, SurfCleaner has an opportunity to make a significant impact on the global water treatment market in the coming years, and its value will only increase as environmental regulations tighten across the board.”

On the other hand, SurfCleaner SCO1000 is an ultra-energy-efficient device, as it only requires 20W on average electricity. Other comparable devices require 7,5KW. In addition, it is fully automatic and contains just two moving parts. Its top-notch design consequently reduces the need for on-site supervision, as well as maintenance costs.

Finally, SurfCleaner’s Co-Founder and Corporate relations talked to us recently in an exclusive interview about its business model and how its solutions can make a true impact on global industrial surface water treatment. Click here to read the interview.

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