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Vermilion and partners sign responsibly-sourced natgas deal in Canada

Vermilion energy

Vermilion Energy, in consortium with Uniper and Rockpoint Gas Storage, signed a responsibly-sourced natural gas agreement in Canada. The deal will deliver certified and responsibly-sourced natural gas to end-users in the country.

Firstly, the agreement involves the supply of natural gas, certified by Equitable Origin’s EO100 Standard for Responsible Energy Development. The agreement between Uniper, Vermilion Energy, and Rockpoint Gas Storage is the first for Rockpoint and Uniper.

Moreover, Uniper will offtake EO100TM certified natural gas from Vermilion Energy under the agreement. Then, it will manage supply to Access Gas Services, a wholesale supplier that provides natural gas and related services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers in Canada.

Sheri Doell, Vice President, Origination and Renewable Energy at Rockpoint, said about the matter. “Rockpoint Gas Storage is committed to the energy transition. Through our downstream owned company, Access Gas Services, Rockpoint can connect our customers to responsible gas producers who are committed to ESG leadership.”

On the other hand, Rob Van Horne, Head of North American Gas Origination, Uniper, said. “Demand for transparency in energy production practices and alignment with Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles is on the rise.”

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Vermilion Energy one of the first certified responsible natgas suppliers in Canada

He also remarked. “We believe natural gas transactions validated by credible certification standards are the wave of the future.”

Furthermore, as outlined above, Vermilion energy produces a natural gas certified under the Equitable Origin EO100TM Standard. Equitable Origin is a non-profit organization that supports the responsible development of energy and natural resources.

In addition, the EO100TM Standard certifies production based on an independent assessment of criteria related to ESG factors, including corporate governance; transparency and ethics; human rights; social impact and community development; Indigenous People’s rights; fair labor and working conditions; and climate change, biodiversity, and environment.

Finally, Vermilion Energy is one of the first natural gas producers in Canada to have its operations certified under the Standard. It achieved certification earlier this year for its West Pembina Operations after progressing through Equitable Origin’s site-based certification program.

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