Nokomis Energy to help the city of Northfield reach climate goals

Nokomis Energy

Nokomis Energy, a Minneapolis-based clean energy developer, will collaborate with the city of Northfield, Minneapolis, to develop a Clean Energy Transition Plan (CETP). This plan would help the city reach its ambitious climate goals, set up in 2019.

Firstly, Northfield located 40 miles south of Minneapolis, is home to 20,000 residents and two colleges, Carleton College and St. Olaf College. Under the partnership; Nokomis Energy will model the community’s electric system to identify specific clean energy projects that, once implemented, would meet the city’s clean energy goals.

Moreover, the city’s climate action plan involves reaching 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030 for the entire community; with 10% of that electricity generated within the city. Beth Kallestad, Sustainability Program Coordinator for Northfield, said about the matter. “How we get there is less clear. We know that some of it will come from Xcel Energy decarbonizing their grid, but what do we do about the rest of it?”

He also remarked. “Working with Nokomis Energy is going to give clear guidance on the paths we could choose as well as the economic benefits those paths could deliver.”

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Nokomis Energy to share its experience in clean energy with Northfield

In addition to these challenges on decarbonization, the city has encountered grid congestion issues. Residents and local businesses have been notified of fees in the thousands of dollars to install solar; and years of delays in processing applications; complicating the overall approach to clean energy adoption.

As a result, “working with Nokomis Energy on this modeling project makes a lot of sense. They can help us try to navigate it better than we can do on our own,” said Kallestad, also remarking. “We’ve been hearing from people that they are getting hit with huge interconnection fees and long delays in processing applications. It’s been a year or so of trying to understand what is going on.”

On the other hand, Brendan Dillon, partner at Nokomis Energy, said. “By sharing our experience and understanding of the regional clean energy landscape, our goal is to help guide the City of Northfield through the range of available options to implement solutions that will work best for them.”

Finally, Nokomis Energy is a clean energy developer based in Minneapolis, Minn., with a mission to identify opportunities to create clean, low-cost energy projects for the people, businesses, and communities of the Upper Midwest.

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