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Clean Energy unveils logo and dairy RNG plans

Clean Energy, announced it introduced a new company logo to show better its commitment towards providing renewable fuel solutions.

On Monday, clean fuel provider for the transportation market, Clean Energy, announced it introduced a new company logo to show better its commitment towards providing renewable fuel solutions. Besides adopting a new logo, the company will invest in developing dairy-sourced and agricultural Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), both with partners TotalEnergies and bp, and independently.

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According to a media release by the company, the demand for low- and negative-carbon renewable fuel has significantly increased. Particularly as more companies look for solutions to address climate change.

Logo change

Therefore, Clean Energy, a leading provider of renewable natural gas (RNG) for the transportation industry, is doing this logotype change and product introduction to help their customers turn their sustainability goals into reality.

Thus, Clean Energy, at its annual shareholders’ meeting, introduced the new company logo as a cornerstone of an entirely new brand identity. In fact, this approach aligns with the company’s growing commitment to expand its renewable fuel solution.

Accordingly, Andrew J. Littlefair, president and CEO, Clean Energy, said: “Clean Energy’s business has pivoted to focus on an extraordinary renewable, non-fossil fuel that can actually reduce fleets’ carbon footprint by as much as 500%.”

Therefore, “the logo, color scheme, messaging, website and other brand elements that we introduced today denote a circular economy,” continued Mr. Littlefair. Particularly one “where organic waste is turned into sustainable fuel. Besides, that embodies the role Clean Energy plays in helping our planet.”

In fact, currently, RNG already represents 70% of the fuel sold at Clean Energy’s nationwide network of stations. Moreover, the company is on a track to provide this fuel at all its stations by 2025; consequently, the company would meet one of its own sustainability goals.

Worth noting, as part of the new branding, Clean Energy also launched a new website. On this page, users can find updated information about the company’s focus on providing beginning-to-end solutions to meet the growing demand for RNG.

About Clean Energy Fuels and RNG

Considering that the transportation sector is responsible for 28% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.; RNG can better replace dirty diesel and gasoline. Indeed, this fuel type is a zero-emissions one. Moreover, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board certified Clean Energy Fuels’ RNG.

Besides, one of RNG’s potentialities and advantages is reducing emissions on two fronts; at the source where it is made and on the road. Indeed, this fuel type is the only carbon-negative one, which means it avoids more emissions than it generates.

Finally, it is worth noting that Clean Energy currently fuels more than 25,000 vehicles daily with RNG. Besides, the company provides its customers with financing, engineering, construction; and operations advice to help them transition into this net-zero fuel.  

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