Pennzoil introduces carbon neutral lubricants for North America

Pennzoil lubricants

Pennzoil, one of Shell’s brands, announced the introduction of a carbon neutral lubricant portfolio, especially aimed to passenger cars for the North American market; the portfolio is part of the Shell’s plan to become net-zero emissions business by 2050.

Firstly, as one of Shell’s brands, Pennzoil embraces Shell’s commitment to carbon emission reduction; as the Dutch oil major aims to offset annual emissions of more than 52 million gallons of advanced synthetic lubricants.

Pennzoil aligns with this goal and has created a full portfolio of carbon neutral lubricants. The strategy set by Pennzoil has three pillars: firstly, the avoidance of emission through circular economy schemes, and product design with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, the reduction of emissions through enhanced efficiency on its assets; also, with the enhanced use of renewable energy and the cut of GHG emissions on their supply chain. Thirdly, by a carbon offset program that supports biodiversity in China, Indonesia and the U.S.

“Motorists are more conscious of contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle and are looking for ways to reduce their net carbon footprint,” said Machteld de Haan, CEO of Pennzoil-Quaker State Company in a statement.

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Pennzoil aligned with larger carbon offsetting strategy

He also added: “As one of the brands from the world’s leading lubricants supplier, Pennzoil is proud to be a part of the largest carbon neutral program in the lubricants industry; one that compensates for the full lifecycle emissions of these select products.”

“In addition, our carbon neutral lubricants will provide motorists with less carbon intense choices; without having to compromise the high performance and engine protection that they expect from Pennzoil.” He concluded.

As we reported previously, Shell has a new strategy that would accelerate its net zero efforts; particularly in its customer-facing business. Specifically, the strategy focuses on achieving new net zero goals by 2050. The new approach intends to cover the emissions from Shell’s operations and the emissions generated by the products the company sells.

Moreover, the lubricant strategy “represents a key milestone in Shell Lubricants’ multi-year strategy to help customers manage their sustainability needs; and its ambition to reduce the carbon intensity of its products by avoiding, reducing, and offsetting emissions.”

Finally, carbon neutral lubricants will also be available for foreign markets, through Shell’s brands like Rimula, Rotella, Helix, across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East; as well as Pennzoil for North America.

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