GOP approves just 2% of what Biden proposed for green infrastructure

Green energy infrastructure

The Grand Old Party approved just a small fraction of what President Joe Biden proposed for spending in green infrastructure; as part of an investment package to boost jobs and push energy transition. Particularly, the Republican party approved $4 billion, or 2% of the Biden spending proposal for electric transportation

Firstly, as we reported previously, accelerating electric vehicle adoption and tackling the emissions of the transportation sector, is vital for the Biden-Harris administration; as, according to the Energy Information Administration, gasoline demand for 2021 will reach 8,7 million barrels a day.

Secondly, as this sector is the most pollutant, the Biden admin. Intends to cut down emissions through electric vehicles and diversified bio and green fuels adoption. Nevertheless, the GOP counteroffer for investing in such matters, announced this Thursday, was for $928 billion for the next eight years.

Thirdly, in contrast, Biden intends to spend $2,7 trillion, spread amongst various infrastructure needs. The republican party, on the other hand, made a concession for $14 billion for improving the resilience of infrastructure to extreme weather; however, they insisted on the fact that the spending package for infrastructure should be addresses to physical projects, like roads, bridges and ports.

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Green infrastructure should be in another legislation, say Republicans

Moreover, according to S&P Global six Republican senators involved in White House negotiations said May 27 in a joint letter to President Joe Biden. “We were explicit that policies unrelated to physical infrastructure do not fit in this package.”

They also added. “This is not because we do not value these important issues. We simply believe that these policies should be addressed in separate legislation; one that does not dilute our shared objective of passing this package.”

In addition, Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary said this proposal was a proof of negotiations going forward; however, said the administration remains concerned that the plan provides no substantial new funds for job creation, such as the clean-energy programs in Biden’s American Jobs Plan.

Finally, among the Biden’s spending package, there are $174 billion for EV infrastructure, including new charging stations, grants, and incentives. In contrast, according to S&P Platts, US sales of plug-in EVs showed record growth in March; surging 159% year on year to 46,000 units sold.

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