HTCI to improve energy efficiency at Quebec plant through Canada’s investment

HTCI energy efficiency

The government of Canada announced this Tuesday it invested $25,000 to improve energy efficiency at Hydro Technologies’ Canada Inc. (HTCI) plant in Quebec. Such investment came out of the Energy Efficiency for Industry Program.

Firstly, HTCI along with Énergir, Quebec’s largest natural gas distribution company, completed the investment for a total of $50,000; which will be committed to the conducting of a study by HTCI, aimed at identifying energy conservation initiatives and reduce costs in its Quebec City plant.

Secondly, HTCI is the largest supplier of sodium hydrosulphite bleaching in northwest America; it is also the only manufacturer of zinc oxide in North America. These products are used in the paper industry, and in manufacturing of ceramics, rubber, and batteries. HTCI was also the first company to develop both of these products with no liquid wastes.

Consequently, the investment will expand those solutions and would improve also the greenhouse gas footprint of the plant.

“Improvements in energy efficiency will get us a third of the way to our Paris targets. With today’s announcement, we’re working to lower our emissions and creating good, middle-class jobs.” Said Seamus O’Regan Jr. Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

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HTCI’s improvements to help Canada realize climate targets

On the other hand, Michael Plante, President and General Manager of HTCI, stated. “The results of this study will allow us both to achieve energy efficiency benefits and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our business.”

He also remarked. “We are also glad to realize we can improve in this field and to see the options that are available to us. That’s why we will work to apply the report’s findings in the coming years. Finally, we would like to thank all our partners who helped in conducting this study.”

Overall, the expectancy of Canada’s government is to invest in Quebec City industrial facilities, therefore getting one step closer into their climate goals. So it was expressed by Jean-Yves Duclos, member of the Quebec Parliament and head of the Treasury Board.

“Investing in Quebec City industrial facilities will contribute to advancing Canada’s energy efficiency objectives; it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions; it will expand clean energy as well as climate change mitigation. Therefore, it will bring us closer to a zero-emission future.”

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