Invenergy develops the largest solar complex in the U.S.

Invenergy develops the largest solar complex in the U.S.

Invenergy, a leading privately-held global developer and operator of renewable energy solutions, has announced the development of a solar complex that would be the largest in the U.S. upon completion. 

The facility, called Samson Solar energy Center, is currently under construction in the northeast Texas area. It will have 1,310-megawatt power and will support sustainability goals of five major consumer brands and supply solar power to three Texas municipalities.

“The Samson Solar Energy Center is the latest example of what can be achieved when companies and utilities seek an innovative partner to meet their sustainability goals and invest in a clean energy future,” said Ted Romaine, Senior Vice President of Origination at Invenergy.

“Invenergy continues to lead the energy transition, and this record-setting project demonstrates our expertise at a new scale,” he added in a statement. 

Samson solar is a $1,6 billion capital investment, and according to the company’s report, it will support nearly 600 jobs in its 36-month construction period. It is located in Lamar, Red River and Franklin Counties.

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Invenergy with major power agreements

“In addition, the project will drive significant local economic development, bringing more than $250 million in landowner payments and supporting local communities through nearly $200 million in property tax payments over the life of the project,” the report says.

The project is estimated to be fully operational by 2023; when complete it will power nearly 300,000 American homes. Construction is planned to be executed in five stages, each one of them will commence operation when completed. 

Invenergy already has power agreements with AT&T, Honda, McDonalds and Google; among other major brands, to which it will supply up to 500, 200, 160, and 100 megawatts of clean power, respectively. 

“With more than 1.5 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, our portfolio delivers clean electricity to the grid; helps to create jobs and community benefits, and supports the transition to a low-carbon economy. We’re excited to participate in Invenergy’s Samson project through the largest corporate solar energy deal in the U.S,” said Scott Mair, president of AT&T Technology & Operations.

Invenergy has developed more than 25,000 MW of clean energy projects, including, wind, solar and natural gas, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

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