Canada and Germany sign MoU for energy innovation and green hydrogen production

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Canada and Germany signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at increasing green energy innovation, energy trade; with a special emphasis to the green hydrogen market; the government of Canada announced this Tuesday.

Firstly, energy ministers from both countries signed the MoU today; it outlines a cooperation plan to develop new energy policies and also research; aimed at increasing the reach of the energy transition technologies, and the global net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

Secondly, Seamus O’Reagan said Quebec and the Newfoundland province in Canada, as well as the Labrador, are particularly well positioned to start producing green hydrogen; which, as we have reported previously, burns in a cleaner way, as it is made from renewable energy sources.

“We have tremendous challenges and also opportunities here in Canada,” said O’Regan. “There is no other democracy with the bounty of natural resources that we have; and yet we also face the urgency of climate change and energy innovation.”

However, the Canadian energy minister stressed in the necessity to retain workers who live in areas long time reliant on fossil fuels. “Oil will be with us for some time; and it will also continue to be a part of the Canadian economy, without question.” He underlined.

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Energy innovation and green hydrogen as a leverage for change

In addition, he said liquified natural gas could serve as a bridge to transition smoothly into the “green energy territory”. With Germany, said O’Reagan, that goal will be achieved more quickly; as the country already aims at integrating LNG imports and green hydrogen production into its mix.

Moreover, O’Reagan stressed that cleaner hydrogen like the blue one, could be mor viable in western Canadian provinces that boast abundant natural gas reserves.

On the other hand, senior officials from other countries joined Canada and Germany at the virtual ceremony this morning; they also stressed out that green hydrogen is a must-have in the new energy economy.

Finally, United States’ John Kerry, told the forum he supports O’Regan’s push for creative and collaborative solutions; including also the expansion of hydrogen, as a means for governments and the private sector to work together in transitioning away fossil fuels.

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