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Ovation, top technology for plant operators by Emerson

Emerson Ovation

Ovation, a new platform for plant operators was presented this Tuesday during the Emerson Exchange Virtual Series. James Thompson, lead engineer at Emerson Automation solutions, presented the Ovation suite.

Ovation is a control system, emanated from Emerson’s decades-long experience in data processing. Also failure prediction. Firstly, it can provide control for power generation assets as well as water and waste water facilities.

It provides a powerful and secure digital architecture of the asset. While allowing rapid progress in the system’s operational activities. Therefore, Ovation systems provides the user with high levels of digital simulation. In addition to enhance plant’s reliability and availability.

Moreover, through its top-notch technology, the platform allows the user to incorporate a number of devices into one single environment.

Secondly, its large library of algorithms provides the user with specific control routines and failure prediction. While optimizing operations and maximizing productivity and profitability.

The platform is “a library of simulation algorithms for the use of simulating power plants. Ovation simulator is mainly used for training new operators. Oftentimes experienced operators retire and face the need of training new personnel.”

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Ovation Emerson

Ovation, perfect tool for simulation and asset control

Moreover, Ovation is the perfect tool for such activities. Some of its benefits are: enables user-customizable applications. It integrates multiple data sources into a single application environment. Provides easy access to high quality data. Minimizes the impact of retiring workforce. It embeds human expertise into the control system. Enables empowering and informed decision-making.

During the webinar led by Thompson, one key element was discussed, the alerting capabilities of the platform. “In the event of an impending process upset or equipment failure, the framework’s expert system alert and guide operators. So, they can take immediate, specific action. Moreover, they. can interact directly with the control system to resolve the situation,” he remarked.

Finally, Shen Zhang, Simulation software engineer at Emerson, talked about the digital twin technology update on Ovation.

“One of Ovation objectives is to minimize maintenance while maximizing utilization. As a result, it decreases the separation between the control room and the digital twin room.”

In conclusion, the platform achieves these objectives thanks to its key differentiators. As Zhang underlined: it is a cloud based digital twin with integrated simulation. It also has live updates for increased situational awareness and asset fidelity.

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