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Alliant Energy to build Iowa’s first customer hosted solar project

Alliant Energy Perry solar

Alliant Energy and the city of Perry, in Iowa, reached an agreement to install a 1-megawatt solar facility on a site located at the western edge of the city. The project was approved on April 5, during the City Council Meeting.

Firstly, the city of Perry will host the solar facility; by this, it will receive significant revenue from lease payments for 25 years. The city will also have renewable energy credits from the solar complex to offset its greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, getting closer to its sustainability goals.

Secondly, the solar facility will be at a site that the city remediated for years, precisely to put a renewable energy asset in there. With the Customer Hosted Renewables Program in place, Alliant Energy’s solar proposal met the city’s guidelines, ensuring the project’s construction.

Thirdly, Alliant Energy will be in charge of the oversee of the construction; it will also own it, operate it, and maintain it. Moreover, there won’t be any financing or other costs to the city of Perry. Consequently, the project will be operational by mid-2022.

On the other hand, Alliant Energy’s Customer Hosted Renewables Program allows customers with available land to host solar facilities and receive lease payments and renewable energy credits.

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Alliant energy to offer substantial benefits to Perry

In fact, it is part of the company’s Clean Energy Vision, a program specially aimed at advancing the sustainability goals, and the net zero carbon dioxide emissions; particularly from electricity generation, by 2050.

Moreover, Mason Adams, Alliant Energy key account manager, said. “This project is a win-win that will benefit the local economy and the environment for many years to come. It represents our vision to provide a clean energy future for our customers and the communities we serve.”

He also remarked. “We are excited to partner with the city of Perry to support the community; to bring more clean energy to our customers. This is the first Alliant Energy Customer Hosted Renewables solar facility in the state of Iowa.”

On the other hand, Sven Peterson, city administrator for the city of Perry, stated. “Our collaboration with Alliant Energy on this facility will provide financial, environmental and educational benefits to the city and area residents.”

Finally, he concluded. “The new Alliant Energy program allowed us to move forward to build a solar facility; which will help us redevelop a property that was challenging to reuse.”

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