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FlexGen teams up with KPP for the Solomon Energy Storage Center

Flexgen energy storage center

FlexGen, the leading energy storage company, has teamed up with The Kansas Power Pool to deliver the Solomon Energy Storage Center, from its design, construction and operation. When finished, the Center will be the largest in Kansas.

Upon delivery, the Solomon Storage Center will deliver up to 1 megawatt of power; enough energy to supply for four hours at least to 250 state homes.

As it is intended to bring resilience and reliability to Minneapolis, Kansas, the storage center will have a unique capability; to “black start” the system, for the utility to use if the grid goes offline.

“Black start is often compared to jumpstarting a car, where the FlexGen battery system provides the power needed to jumpstart backup generators that put more power onto the grid,” the company explains.

Total size of the Solomon Energy Storage Center will be of 5,1 MW hours; it will be the largest project of its kind in the state, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance data.

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Storage Center will support Minneapolis grid

FlexGen will also be responsible for the center’s operation and management, under its software FlexGen HybridOS. This software enables the company to export power onto the grid when it’s most needed, during times of peak demand o when disruptions happen.

During off-peaks of the state’s grid, the power center will recharge, especially when the prices are lower. “FlexGen is proud to serve KPP and the people of Kansas on this record-setting battery storage project,” said Alan Grosse, COO of FlexGen.

“The Solomon Energy Storage Center exemplifies how the FlexGen HybridOS platform enables utilities to affordably offer dependable energy storage for their customers,” he concluded.

On his side, Mark Chesney KPP’s CEO, said: “The Solomon Energy Storage Center is another example of KPP delivering on its mission to provide cost-effective and reliable public power and services for our community of members.”

“We are pleased to work with FlexGen on this important project that will add resiliency and reduce costs.”

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