Enphase Energy and Sunnova partner to deliver battery storage to American homes

Enphase Energy Sunnova battery

Enphase Energy, the California-based energy management company has announced an extension of its partnership with Sunnova Energy, to include a new battery-based storage system for American homeowners.

The partnership will expand Sunnova’s commercial offer in the U.S. with Enphase Encharge™, a storage system with Lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which provides longer life cycle and further energy storage capacity.

This new storage technology will be delivered by Sunnova’s energy services, to empower its network of solar dealers all over the U.S. Especially to homeowners who are seeking for a reliable and safe solution for solar energy storage.

Enphase Encharge™ technology provide and upgraded thermal stability and they are acknowledged by the UL9540A fire safety certification. It is a safe solar plus storage option, as it provides complete AC solution, but without a high-voltage DC exposure.

In this regard, it is one of the safest energy storage solutions for home owners. It also has a mobile app, in which home operators have the ability to go off grid; it also provides a deeper look into their home storage system.

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Long-standing collaboration between Enphase Energy and Sunnova

About the advantages and technological jumps of this new battery storage system, William Berger, CEO of Sunnova, said: “Homeowners are now more than ever using their homes for both daily living and as a place for work.”

“Our goal in partnership with Enphase is to deliver energy resilience and independence to homeowners, and our long-standing collaboration with Enphase means that our dealers can quickly deploy Enphase Encharge storage systems to new customers as well as to our large installed base of Enphase solar-powered homes,” he concluded.

“Sunnova has been an amazing partner to Enphase for many years now,” added Badri Kothandaraman, CEO of Enphase Energy. “We are very excited our Enphase solar and storage systems will be an integral part of Sunnova’s fast-growing energy services; bringing peace of mind to homeowners through energy independence.”

The partnership between these two companies, adds to the U.S. energy storage boom, that is already shaping 2021’s energy sector for North America.

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