PEMEX modifies its Uchukil Field Plans


CNH approves modifications to PEMEX Uchukil Deposit Plans

The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) accepted the modification of a PEMEX’s Exploration Plan in the Uchukil Deposit. This decision will lead to more wells drilling, exploration, and add-valued activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since mid-August, Pemex Exploración y Producción (PEP) requested CNH’s approval to modify its exploration plans in the Uchukil facilities.

The new plans for this deposit, located in a Tabasco’s continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, include drilling eight more oil and gas wells and exploring five potential deposits.

After seismic and exploratory studies of the area, the drilling prospects include the light oil Niquita-1, Saap-1, Chamak-1, Siwak-1, Litsin-1, Halab-1, Tlense-1, and Baksan-1 deposits. The company expects these reservoirs to deliver 4.80-143 million barrels of oil equivalent.

The exploratory prospects comprise the heavy, medium, and light oil Maskab-1, Esel-1, Sawab-1, Bal-1, and Asab-1 deposits, which PEP projects will deliver 9.36-141 million barrels of oil equivalent.

PEMEX already did the Niquita, Saap, and Chamak exploratory and drilling processes during the lapse 2019-2020. PEP will put the other projects into action in 2021-2023, with a projected investment of 346-654 million dollars.

According to estimations, it is plausible that the exploratory deposits will occupy other assigned territories already; in that regard, the Commission recommended the company to acknowledge this information and to prepare for possible procedures. 

Some Commission’s members also expressed their concerns about implementing Asab-1’s exploratory activities until 2023, given this well’s vast resources.

In response, PEMEX cleared out that the company considers getting ahead activities in this well if necessary. CNH’s commissioners approved the AE-0152-Uchukil Assignment modifications unanimously, considering the actions are necessary, comprehensive, and will add value to existing activities.

The Commission adopted this decision during its 13th Government’s Organ Ordinary Session

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