Puebla, a strategic energy state for Mexico


Puebla is strategic for energy in Mexico. This is an interview with Rodrigo Osorio, from the state’s Energy Agency Manager

Puebla’s Energy Agency is an organism whose primary goal is to create public policies and execute economically and sustainably viable projects to generate renewable energy, increase fuel storage and natural gas pipelines.

Through investments and companies’ plans, the Agency promotes local content following five steps: sustainable mobility to reduce emissions; logistic infrastructure, which includes storage, pipelines, and merchandising; waste-to-energy; distributing and energy generation companies’ attraction; and human capital creation with substantial equality.

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“Our mid-term goal is to increase our energy matrix. We are now a state in deficit, so how can we turn into an exporting one to address globalization? Another goal is to become the first state in which everyone has the opportunity and the right to electricity.” Declared Rodrigo Osorio Díaz, state’s Energy Agency Manager

Besides, the organism encourages collaboration within the community and with the companies, since “today’s energy sector requires citizens’ participation to achieve our mid-term goals, especially the social ones”, said Rodrigo Osorio.

As a result, the Agency invests several resources in education and rural development.

“Our state, in terms of logistics, is unbeatable. There are nine other states near. So, we look to install a storage terminal that can go everywhere.”

Rodrigo Osorio, Puebla’s Energy Agency Manager

Puebla, crucial for transportation and storage

The state is strategical for fuel distribution and storage since it is near the other nine states and has privileged climate conditions. According to the Energy Agency Manager “Puebla is unbeatable in terms of logistics.” This reason leads attracted investors to address opportunities there.

In this sense, and according to Rodrigo Osorio, the biggest challenge is to make those concessions to continue being efficient.

“We will always have a social component. We are aligning our investments in the community to generate a community value.”

Rodrigo Osorio

Regarding storage, the General Director observed that Puebla has two groups. One is the new Valero’s and iEnova’s terminal, in which they are doing transfers. As the project still is in its final construction stage, their most significant storage units and tanks are not filling, but in their transfer station, they have reduced the number of tank cars.”

To increase the entity’s infrastructure, the Agency has two advanced projects to make Puebla one of the first states to have a storage capacity that resists 11 days without supplying. “Now we’re working in our project cycles and looking after companies that already have storage holders”. Additionally, the Director called for suppliers and investors to participate.

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Local and national development, as local suppliers’ creation, are actions undertaken way before the pandemic’s arrival, and they continue to be. The Agency did these actions with a high social component that allows Puebla’s engineers to work. Also, the organism has partnerships with universities to generate human capital and to achieve a community economy.  

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