DOE´s Clean Energy Retrospective 2022


As the year comes to a close, the Department of Energy (DOE) shared a retrospective of what a historic year 2022 was for clean energy. The report presented by DOE showed all of the department’s accomplishments toward renewable energy.

First quarter

In January, DOE launched the Clean Energy Corps. This program recruits talented and committed individuals from across the country to help implement President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act investments. Which will help grow the economy, reduce costs for residents and create jobs.

In February, a partnership between DOE and the Department of Transportation announced a $5 billion grant to drive a complete transition to an all-electric future. The work between these two departments makes historic investments to double the size of the grid and support electric vehicle charging.

March was the month when the U.S. government and the International Energy Agency joined forces to address market and fuel supply disruptions caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war. The actions taken by President Biden’s administration resulted in lower gas prices. Today, levels are as they were before the Russian invasion and the global energy crisis.


Second quarter

In April another part of the retrospective, was the DOE’s $84 million program to demonstrate enhanced geothermal energy systems. This program will use the heat underground to power every home in the country. The goal is to harness clean enough, reliable geothermal energy for an estimated 129 million U.S. homes and businesses.

President Biden’s Climate Agenda boosted domestic battery manufacturing in May and strengthened supply chains with more than $3 billion. This month DOE also supported second-life applications for electric vehicle batteries. This support will succeed in maintaining the supply chain and making recycling more sustainable.

The US$2.3 billion grant to reduce pollution in the country and combat climate change through carbon storage and management was awarded in June. The aim is to reduce pollution caused by greenhouse gases, research the effects of climate change and provide well-paying jobs. At the same time, they will prioritize community involvement and environmental justice.


Third quarter

In July, DOE awarded new funding from the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act for home energy improvements. This support will help families repair and retrofit their homes and replace fossil fuel-powered appliances with more efficient electric ones. The aim is to increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

Congress passed the President’s Inflation Reduction Act in August. The act will provide technologies to reduce carbon pollution, lower energy costs for families, lift communities in need, and create good-paying union jobs. In addition, the CHIPS and Science Act was enacted, authorizing $68 billion for the Department of Energy and our National Laboratories to fund research for a clean energy future.

In September, Secretary Granholm hosted leaders and innovators from around the world in Pittsburgh for the first Global Clean Energy Action Forum.


Fourth quarter

In October, the government announced a $2.8 billion investment. This grant was divided among 20 U.S. companies into 12 states to expand domestic battery manufacturing.

November was highlighted by Secretary Granholm’s trip to Puerto Rico. This meeting brought together first responders. At the same time, they also visited a local fire station retrofitted with solar power and energy storage after Hurricane Maria. DOE is working with Puerto Ricans to strengthen the electric grid to achieve 100% clean energy goals.

The last piece of the retrospective was the first fusion ignition in history. Achieved at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in December. This achievement has far-reaching implications for the country’s energy and national security future.

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