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Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions’ largest solar project starts construction

Duke Energy Solar energy

Today, several media sources announced Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions has started construction at its largest solar project to date. Indeed, the 250MW Pisgah Ridge Solar project will be located in Navarro County, south Dallas, TX.

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A previously stated, when operational by the end of 2022, this solar facility will be the largest in Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions’ fleet.

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions starts construction at Pisgah Ridge Solar project

Last week, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions announced that it signed virtual purchase agreements (VPPA) for the power generated by the project. Accordingly, the Company signed those deals with pharmaceutical company Charles River Laboratories and two unnamed corporations, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Therefore, Charles River Laboratories International Inc. signed a VPPA for 102 MW of the project over 15 years. Indeed, Charles River Labs is a leading research tool and integrated support services, provider. Moreover, the company provides these services for efficient drug discovery and development.

On the other hand, two other corporations signed separate 15-year VPPA agreements for the remaining 148 MW.

To exemplify, with a VPPA, the corporations receive the cost difference if electricity is sold into the market above the agreed contract price. On the other hand, if the price fails to reach the target, they would make up the difference to Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions.


In this sense, Gregg Belardo, senior director of EHS & sustainability at Charles River, commented in a media statement available on Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions’ page; “This VPPA is the first step toward our commitment to source 100% renewable electricity globally by 2030. Thus, the benefits of the Pisgah Ridge Solar project move us substantially closer to achieving that goal.”

Worth noting, the company expects to employ as many as 300 workers throughout the project’s construction. Moreover, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions will rely on Moss to engineer and construct the Pisgah Ridge Solar project.

Finally, besides the new Dallas project, the company also operates wind power facilities and a battery storage site in Texas. Lastly, “as one of the nation’s top renewable energy providers, Duke Energy plans to double its enterprise-wide renewable portfolio; particularly, from 8 GW to 16 GW by the end of 2025,” the company shared in a statement.

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