Electricity rationed in China

Electricity affectations in the country supply to factories in China’s Sichuan province will be rationed after a heat wave increases demand.

In the lithium-producing province, home to 84 million people, temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius have been recorded. More than a week after the temperature increases, the increase in the use of air conditioning has been exponential.

Electricity affectations in the country

About 80% of the energy generated in the region depends on hydroelectric dams. At the moment, the rivers in the area have dried up during the summer. The Ministry of Aquatic Resources has reported that this is counterproductive.

The local government has decided to maintain the energy supply in residences as a priority. According to a statement published last Sunday, they have ordered that industries in 21 cities suspend production until Saturday.

China’s southwestern province is responsible for 50% of the country’s lithium production, which is used in batteries and so on. This whole process will be affected by rationalization. Multiple companies, including Henan Zhongfu Industrial and Sichuan fertilizer producer Meifeng Chemical Industry, announced the stock market suspension.

“Sources estimate that at least 1,200 tons of lithium production will be cut by disruptions in operations in these five days,” Susan Zou, an analyst at Rystad Energy, told AFP.

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Meanwhile, according to national media, the national observatory issued a red alert due to high temperatures, reaching more than 40 °C. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui provinces
They also depend on energy from the country’s west, which is why they issued restrictions for industrial clients.

The picture painted by scientists indicates that everything results from global warming, and the trend is increasing.

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