The Curio company sing understanding with Lightbrige Corporation

The Curio company announced the signing of a memorandum of Understanding with Lightbrige Corporation. Such signing makes them a partner in the industry and a potential buyer of products produced through Curio’s TRUfuel technology.

The collaboration has contemplated that both companies work to develop nuclear technologies. Therefore this marks the beginning of the second nuclear age where future generations will benefit.

“Our collaboration with Lightbridge is an important step in ensuring there is an adequate fuel supply chain. Also to maintain our current fleet of nuclear reactors and deploy the next generation of reactors.” Said Edward McGinnis, Curio’s chief executive officer. “Curio’s TRUfuel is the fuel of the future, and we stand ready to help the US regain global leadership in nuclear power.”

For his part, Seth Grae, President, and CEO of Lightbridge Corporation, said, “We are excited to enter into this agreement with Curio as we explore future government funding opportunities. All are related to Curio’s TRUfuel technology and the potential use of such transuranic material as a feedstock. Also Lightbridge designed metal fuel rods to power existing large reactors and upcoming small modular reactors. Lightbridge is well aligned with US government support to develop advanced nuclear technologies that can help existing small and large modular reactors, with two previous Department of Energy GAIN coupon awards.

We look forward to pursuing opportunities to further our respective technologies with Curio.”

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Curio is a company dedicated to solving the nuclear power industry’s obstacles. They are focused on commercializing the case for a closed fuel cycle by recycling nuclear waste and unlocking the full potential of the atom.

On the other hand, it is a technology development company for advanced nuclear fuel. It is positioned to enable carbon-free energy applications essential to preventing climate change.

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