Advanced clean energy storage hydrogen center


Mitsubishi Power and Emerson

Mitsubishi Power Americas Inc. selected Emerson to automate the world’s largest green hydrogen production and storage facility.

The Company will use Emerson’s automation software expertise to increase safety, lower its costs; and simplify maintenance.

Hydrogen storage facility

Excess renewable energy generated during the winter and spring is difficult and expensive to store for summer use. The advanced clean energy storage center will use renewable electricity to power electrolyzers and produce green hydrogen.

The gas produced will be stored underground in salt caverns to be used when needed to generate clean electricity from hydrogen-fueled turbines.

The center will also convert renewable energy through the 220 megawatts (MW) bank of electrolyzers to produce up to 100 tons of gas per day.

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The center is the first of its kind and can house 100 caverns. In addition, it will provide short- and long-term hydrogen storage for use during peak season; and throughout the year at the 840 MW Intermountain Power Project (IPP Renewed); in the United States.

Intermountain Power Project

IPP Renewed will use 30% hydrogen fuel in Mitsubishi Power’s M501JAC gas turbines. It plans to transition to 100% hydrogen by 2045.

Emerson and Mitsubishi Power are collaborating on digital solutions for IPP Renewed to optimize its plant performance, improve reliability, and produce more reliable power.

Accordingly, Mitsubishi Power will employ Emerson’s Ovation&#153 integrated control and safety platform. Its purpose is to optimize the production efficiency of the advanced clean energy storage facility and ensure safe operations.

Finally, the Ovation platform will also provide control and monitoring of the renewable hydrogen production process, an emergency system, and fire and gas protection.

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