Mercury and rare earth elements technology projects of ME2C®, environmental technology leader


Along with the 34th Annual ROTH Conference, Richard MacPherson talked about the business with mercury and rare earth elements.

He focused in its patented Sorbent Enhancement Additive (SEA®) technologies for mercury emissions capture; and the progress on its emerging technology for rare earth element (REE) processing. 

ME2C® mercury and rare earth elements absorption technology

The Company’s skill set is in chemisorption, and it is working with that now for the past decade.

Through the origins out of the energy-environment research center of ME2C®the present team are experts in the field.

Besides, the technologies ME2C® developed and patented are helping in the implementation of the utility industry in the U.S. It has taken about 40 of the market in terms of penetration.

Mercury and rare earth metals opportunities

As far back as 2019, the Company focused on rare earth metals. It meant a vertical with a great deal of commercial opportunity and environmental need.

When you look at the rare earth market in general here in the country, it’s approximately a 500-billion-dollar annual business.

Richard MacPherson, President, and CEO.

The organization focused on the coal ash on the remediation side, which is very important.

The purpose is to regulate the problem. There are over 1100 different ash bonds across the country. It is one of the most severe environmental concerns.

As a result, ME2C® put its expertise in technology, and it had positive results working with Penn State over the past six months to a year. The results are very effective, and the Company will inform the results within the next four weeks.

Additionally, one of the leading long-term concerns of the country is the reliance on rare earth elements. The organization is devising a way to extract the ash ponds and remove rare earth elements from them in a commercially viable approach.

“We feel that it’s a first in the industry for assortment technology to accomplish excited about the opportunities that will provide our firm and the country going forward.”

Richard MacPherson.

The organization looks to overcome one of the biggest hurdles of cleaning these sites up; by providing a value pad in the extraction of rare earth helmets through the process that will allow the cleanup.

Finally, the cost does not land on the state cost base. The project will be able to provide a way for people to clean them without the exorbitant prices that they now face.

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Projects outlook

The Company has several contracts in process and some litigations; it is also pushing some utilities to use its technology.

In the following months, ME2C® will add six to eight new power corporations as licensed operators annually. As the business goes forward, they expect to repeat this process for at least five years.

ME2C® financial results

Finally, Mr. MacPherson also informed the Company’s expectations of full-year 2021 preliminary unaudited revenues of approximately $13.0 million, compared to roughly $8.2 million for 2020; and full-year 2022 initial revenue guidance in the range of approximately $20 to $22 million; representing 60% year-over-year revenue growth.

About ME2C® Environmental

Firstly, ME2C Environmental is a leading environmental technologies company developing and delivering patented and proprietary solutions to the global power industry. 

ME2C’s leading-edge mercury emissions services help to achieve emissions removal at a significantly lower cost and less operational impact than currently used methods while maintaining or increasing power plant output and preserving the marketability of byproducts for beneficial use. 

For more information, visit.

Richard MacPherson

As President and CEO of ME2C since 2016, he oversees the expansion, development, and commercialization of the Company’s proprietary emissions control technologies across the fossil-fueled energy sector. 

Mr. MacPherson founded Midwest Energy Emissions Corp in 2008 to commercialize Sorbent Enhancement Additive (SEA®) technologies. Mr. MacPherson negotiated the complete SEA® patent portfolio acquisition in May 2017.  

Since then, ME2C®’s patent portfolio has expanded with additional patents and patent applications in Europe, Asia, and North America. 

In addition, MacPherson is actively pursuing licensing partnerships in other regions worldwide. 

In addition, MacPherson’s corporate vision for ME2C is that of an environmental technologies firm focused on sustainable, highly effective emissions control technologies across the energy sector.

Finally, Richard MacPherson is an active member of multiple professional industry organizations, including the International Clean Air Committee (ICAC), Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), PRB Coal Users Group, Edison Electric Institute (EEI), and IPAA (Independent Petroleum Association of America).

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