AXPC CEO Statement on Domestic Production & National Security


The CEO of the American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC ), Anne Bradbubry, gave her statement on Domestic Production and National Security.

“American energy can and should be encouraged to support our allies, undermine rogue regimes, and support low-energy prices for Americans.  This policy principle is not new: it has long-standing support from Republican and Democrats alike, who view domestic energy production as a form of national security.  Unfortunately, it has gone unheeded by this Administration for far too long,”

Moreover, over the past few years, AXPC has been advocating in favor of policies, supporting domestic production. Such was the case of How the Admin can Support Low Energy Prices. A publication made on October 2021 at AXPC Blog.

AXPC: How the Admin can Support Low Energy Prices

The publication talks about how everybody needs reliable and affordable energy. Energy is an essential part of our daily lives, if its prices go up it affects everything that we do. The publication also states that about a third of Americans already struggle to pay their energy bills each month. Globally there are over two billion people without access to reliable electricity.

In addition, they stated that the worst thing an Administration can do to energy prices is to restrict supply by implementing policies that make it harder to produce energy. What’s more, the publication suggests that To support the domestic production of oil and natural gas, an Administration and Congress should:

Firstly, ensure the continued production on federal land and waters.

Secondly, the industry needs sensible and cost-effective regulations. The industry has a commitment to work with EPA on the federal regulation of methane, in a manner that creates regulatory certainty for the industry and our workers.

Thirdly, Congress should avoid raising taxes or imposing new fees on the American oil and gas industry (methane fee).

Fourthly, they should support the infrastructure needed to cleanly and safely move energy from the wellhead to the customer.

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Finally, administrative leaders should work collaboratively with their industry on sensible, practical solutions to climate change. These should welcome the industry’s commitment to technology and innovation. It is through advancements like CCUS and LNG that the US is recognized as a global climate leader. 

The publication ends by stating that all these steps would have the co-benefit of keeping good-paying jobs in America. Also, that when there is a responsible domestic production, the emissions reduce keeping prices low.

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