Greenbacker launches operations of RoxWind asset in Maine

Greenbacker Renewable

Greenbacker, a leading owner, and operator of sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency projects, announced the start of operations of its RoxWind project, its biggest renewable energy asset in Maine.

Firstly, RoxWind is a 15,3 MW wind farm and entered commercial operation on November 30. When it was acquired in 2020, the to-be-constructed project in Roxbury was Greenbacker’s first asset in Maine, a state with a history of strong support for renewables.

Moreover, Greenbacker acquired four other assets in the state; it has steadily built out its pipeline of renewable energy projects there. RoxWind is in fact the first asset of the company in the state to reach the commercial operation milestone.

In addition, the project will deliver several benefits for the community. In the first place, it will help diversify the region’s energy resources. RoxWind will produce around 50,300 MW h of annual clean energy. Such an amount would be enough to power approximately 4,500 homes per year.

On the other hand, RoxWind is Greenbacker’s largest sustainable infrastructure asset in Maine. It features four massive wind energy turbines; which also are the biggest in the company’s fleet, by both capacity and length.

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Greenbacker delivering affordable clean power to consumers

In fact, each of RoxWind’s turbines can produce over 3.8 MW of wind power and has a rotor diameter of 137 meters; roughly the length of 10 full-sized school buses placed end to end.

Charles Wheeler, CEO of Greenbacker, said about the project. “RoxWind is a win for all involved, delivering affordable clean power to consumers and driving a future powered by clean energy.”

He also remarked. “This milestone is a testament to the Town of Roxbury’s support, and a credit to the expertise of the development teams at Palmer Capital, Solaya Energy, and Horseshoe Valley Wind, with whom we look forward to partnering again.”

Finally, Greenbacker’s fleet of sustainable infrastructure projects comprises approximately 2.2 GW of generating capacity. This includes both RoxWind and assets that are to be constructed.

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