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Green Stream Holdings advances NY Solar Greenhouses Program


Green Stream Holdings Inc, an emerging leader in the solar utility and finance space, recently announced projects in the rapidly growing urban gardening sector. Accordingly, it will finance solar greenhouses dedicated primarily to rooftop farming.

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As a result, those solar greenhouses will convert old shipping/cargo containers into inexpensive solar greenhouses for urban and inner-city neighborhoods.  

Solar Greenhouses Program – Helping advance Community Solar Program

Accordingly, Green Stream, today announced that it signed up its initial Host Site for Its Community Solar Program.

To illustrate, Host Sites serve those people/businesses that do not have the rooftop or other area on their property to house the company’s solar technology infrastructure. Therefore, these solutions enable owners of large properties to generate revenue; particularly, by hosting a community solar greenhouses project on their rooftop, parking lot, or open space.

Worth noting, Community-solar is a New York state shared solar program which offers all utility customers the opportunity to switch to solar at no cost. Specifically, this initiative is of great help for those with nothing on their roof or property. Besides, owners of these solar greenhouses can receive immediate savings on their electric bills—also, some revenues from the leasing of their property.

The Company’s agreement will generate 1.53 megawatts covering all the parking lots on Christ the King high school; located in Middle Village, Queens, New York. This solar community project not only helps the school, which will receive yearly fees for the 25-year term for the leasing of the land; but will also help the surrounding community by lowering its energy costs and creating solar greenhouses.

In this sense, CEO James DiPrima said; “In fact, this first deal is a 25-year lease which is projected to generate over $13 million. Besides, it is our template for other similar deals which are already in progress.”  

Reception – helping create healthier communities

DiPrima also said; “The benefits for the Host Sites is that they can monetize their roof, land, or parking lot. They also create a new income stream, build a low-cost + clean power plant, and contribute to a regional economy. Consequently, this is a basic solar greenhouses model for this and other communities.”

Indeed, subscriber benefits are immediate financial savings, Pay-as-you-go options, and access benefits of clean energy. Even if they can’t install solar greenhouses on their property, owners can support healthier communities.

Worth noting, Green Rain Solar has been working with New York State; the PSC, NYSERDA, Governor’s Office for the past ten years. Accordingly, it has helped pass the Community-Solar legislation.

Besides, Green Rain Solar Consulting has a long experience partnering with the leading roofless community shared solar providers. Specifically, the company offers individual customers a seamless transition to automatic monthly savings.

Finally, DiPrima added; “A solar farm is built on a “Host Site” rooftop or ground mount, a remote location within a Utility Zone. Consequently, the system is tied directly to the utility grid, bypassing any on-site meters. Thus, all of the power produced by the system can then be credited to any individual utility customer, at zero cost, instant savings.”

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