DOE announces a $100M for transformative green energy tech

DOE green energy tech 2021

The Department of Energy under the Joe Biden administration announced last week a $100 million investment for the development of disruptive and transformative green energy technologies. This is one of Biden’s DOE latest efforts to tackle climate crisis and to push its energy transition agenda.

Firstly, the funding will come through DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). It was one of the first funding opportunities announced by the Biden administration for researchers and developers.

Secondly, the Department will participate also in the National Climate Task Force’s Climate Innovation Working Group; which will coordinate federal government-wide efforts to develop affordable and “game-changing technologies that can help America Achieve the President’s goal for a net-zero economy by 2050.”

Thirdly, the ARPA-E was founded in 2009; since then, it has provided with more than $2,4 billion in research and development funding; also, it has attracted nearly $4,9 billion in projects from the private sector, for the commercialization of energy technologies, as well as job creation.

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Green energy tech, vital for new administration

Consequently, the whole program will help reverse the recent anti-science and anti-climate agenda built by the previous administration. In the words of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“On behalf of the House of Representatives, I applaud this vital investment in the transformative and resilient green energy technologies of the future,” she remarked. While also saying: “This exciting step is a key pillar of the Democratic Congress and Biden-Harris Administration’s mission to not only reverse the recent anti-science, anti-climate agenda; but also, to Build Back Better – while creating millions of good-paying jobs.”

Moreover, for DOE’s Chief of Staff, Tarak Shah, the funding is a mean to the empowerment of innovators; “scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers around America; to join us in developing the green energy technologies we need to tackle the climate crisis; and also, to build a more equitable clean energy economy.”

Finally, senator Joe Manchin, chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, concluded; “West Virginia has hosted four ARPA-E projects and the Mountain State’s innovative spirit continues to thrive. In conclusion, I encourage all scientists, entrepreneurs and technology trailblazers to apply for this funding. I will continue supporting the Department’s investment in these much-needed technologies of the future.”

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