FourQuest acquires BEST Energy to expand engineering services


FourQuest Energy, a Texas-based energy services company, announced this Tuesday it acquired Boyle Energy Services & Technology (BEST).

Firstly, based in New Hampshire, BEST is a global leader since 1993 in providing engineering expertise; specialized equipment, and field services to commission or transition large-scale energy construction projects from a post-construction state to a functional operating plant.

Moreover, the company has six patents related to pre-commissioning and commissioning services. As a result, FourQuest will further expand its services footprint and will add solid experience from the acquisition.

In fact, FourQuest Energy has solid expertise in plant maintenance, pre-commissioning, and commissioning services at oil and gas; also, refinery, petrochemical, and other industrial facilities.

In addition, after the transaction, Boyle Energy will have a new name, BEST Energy Services, and will continue operating as a separate company. However, the acquisition closed on January 1, and includes all of BEST’s employees and leadership team.

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FourQuest acquisition to accelerate its growth

On the other hand, Michael Boyle will be the CEO of BEST Energy Services; it will continue to operate in New Hampshire.

Manuel Hurtaud, Managing Director of FourQuest Energy Services, said about the acquisition. “We are very pleased to be acquiring the world leader in pre-commissioning within the power industry.”

He also remarked. “This deal will accelerate our worldwide growth and diversification while continuing to focus on best-in-class engineering and industry-leading field execution throughout the oil and gas, chemical, and power generation markets.”

Finally, Chief Executive Officer of BEST Michael Boyle added. “I am very proud to join the FourQuest Energy Services team. Together BEST and FourQuest will provide leading-edge technology serviced by superior engineering and the best people everywhere in the world. The combined strength of the two companies will enable more value to be created for our clients.”

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