Caltech maximizes solar usage backed by Standard Solar’s funding

Caltech Standard Solar

Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, is maximizing its usage and adoption of rooftop solar panels after Standard Solar funded a 800 kilowatts project at the site. Standard Solar is a leading development, funding company that also owns and operates more than 225 megawatts of solar across the United States.

Firstly, the projects in Caltech are eight solar rooftop projects. When combined, the portfolio will host an 800 kW of capacity. The project would generate approximately 1,328 megawatt-hours (MWh) in the first year of operation.

Moreover, the portfolio will help reduce annual carbon emissions to the equivalent of 114,481,584 smartphones charged. But most important, it will help Caltech maximize the production of renewable energy for its operations. Most importantly, at times when electricity is the most expensive to purchase from the grid.

According to the statement, all eight solar rooftop panels are already built; seven are operating, while the one remaining will reach final permitting shortly. The buildings include Bechtel Residence, Bridge, Downs Luritsen, Hameetman, Keith Spalding, Parsons Gates, South Mud and Synchrotron.

About the project’s relevance, Maximilian Christman, Caltech sustainability manager, said. “This project represents the culmination of a decade-long vision to build out rooftop solar across the Caltech campus.” He also remarked that the campus in Pasadena hosts two more solar assets, “furthering our efforts towards carbon reduction and eventually carbon neutrality.”

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EMCOR Services’ and Caltech’s relationship expands through sustainability efforts

Moreover, Shaun Laughlin, Head of U.S. Strategic Development, Standard Solar, said. “What better way to strengthen our asset portfolio in California than through providing the funds needed to help one of its leading educational institutions reduce its dependence on nonrenewable energy sources.” He also said that “Caltech is setting a standard to which other centers of learning and organizations should emulate.”

On the other hand, Standard Solar funded the projects to an amount not disclosed. The company will also operate and own the rooftop solar portfolio. Standard Solar, alongside EMCOR Services Mesa Energy, developed the projects.

In addition, Robert Lake, President, EMCOR Services Mesa Energy, said. “EMCOR Services Mesa Energy was happy to help support Caltech’s sustainability goals by partnering with Standard Solar to design, engineer, and construct this innovative solar project.”

Finally, he remarked. “Our relationship with Caltech has spanned over 10 years, contributing to numerous energy-saving programs, with this project reflecting the most recent, significant energy initiative on the campus. We applaud Caltech’s vision in working to achieve a cleaner environment for all.”

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