GPA Midstream Association announces 2020 Safety Award Winners

GPA Midstream

The GPA Midstream Association, the century old group, has announced the winners of the 2020 Safety Awards; which recognize member companies for outstanding safety performances in the midstream industry during the previous calendar year.

Firstly, Johnny Dreyer, GPA Midstream senior vice president, said. “For 2020, even with the COVID-19 pandemic that dealt stressful safety challenges well beyond the norm; our members also delivered stellar safety performances; ones that continue to reveal just how serious the midstream energy sector is about operating safely.”

Secondly, these awards speak as a prestigious safety recognition on a level playing field. The total of midstream operation workhours determine each category of the award and also qualifies companies to be eligible on each category. Awards are given to both U.S.-based and international companies.

Thirdly, some of the awardees on the Division 1, for those companies with a million of operational workhours or more:

United States: 1st place: Western Midstream Partners, based in Texas; 2nd place: Kinder Morgan, based in Texas also, in Houston, specifically. On the other hand, the international companies awarded were. 1st place: Saudi Aramco, based in Saudi Arabia; 2nd place: Bahrain National Gas Co., based in Bahrain.

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GPA Midstream to held 100th Anniversary in San Diego

Moreover, on Division 2, with 200,000 to 999,999 operational workhours, the awardees were; in the United States: 1st place: Midcoast Energy, based in Houston; 2nd place: Phillips 66, also based in Houston. International: 1st place: Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd, based in West Indies.

In addition, in the Division 3, for companies with 50,000 to 199,999 of operational workhours, the awardees were; in the U.S. 1st place: SCM Operations, based in Houston; 2nd place: Superior Pipeline Co., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Furthermore, in the Division 4, for companies with less than 50,000 of operational workhours, the awardees were; in the U.S. 1st place: Cardinal Midstream III, based in Dallas. 2nd place: Aka Energy/Red Cedar Gathering, based in Durango, Colorado.

On the other hand, the GPA Midstream Association also recognized those companies that have notably improved their safety performances the past year. This was the Chairman’s Award for Safety Improvement. The honored were: EnLink Midstream (Dallas); also, Mustang Fuel Corp. (Oklahoma City); also, Phillips 66 (Houston), and Saudi Aramco (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia).

Finally, the GPA Midstream Association will celebrate the winners and the Associations 100th anniversary in an in-person ceremony in San Antonio, in September 26-29, For more information about the winners and the convention go to: GPAMidstream.org. GPAMidstreamConvention.org.

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