GenCell and EV Motors to jointly launch autonomous EV charging in Israel

GenCell EV Motors

GenCell Energy, a leading manufacturer of fuel cell energy solutions in Israel, announced this Monday that it has partnered with EV Motors, an Israeli importer of electric vehicles, chargers, and energy storage systems, to jointly launch solutions of this sort in Israel.

Firstly, the two companies have agreed to develop a joint project integrating GenCell’s alkaline fuel cells and EV Motors’ electric vehicle charging technologies.

Such a synergy would enable the development of autonomous off-grid hybrid electric vehicle charging stations that eliminate the need for fossil fuel backup generators. Moreover, the project will provide demonstration sites to attract interest from e-mobility companies worldwide.

Furthermore, the collaboration would contribute to the worldwide delivery of the charging infrastructure required to meet the global EV charging market demand, which will exceed US$207bn by 2030.

Indeed, the partnership between the companies will deliver a new off-grid hybrid charging solution that will provide reliable local power supplies with zero emissions. According to the statement, the first installment of the partnership would be ready for initial deployment in Israel by the first half of 2022.

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GenCell and EV Motors to launch hydrogen and ammonia solutions for EV Charging

When successful, the two companies will expand their cooperation to similar projects in China and other territories via EV’s existing partner network, including Sun Surplus Energy and Co Ltd. About the matter, Ohad Seligmann, Chairman, EV Motors, said. “We are very glad to have connected with GenCell to provide sustainable and environmental fuel cells for our charging stations, thus offering the market a reliable, clean, and effective solution.”

He also commented. “We are confident that the cooperation between the two companies is bringing a unique and state-of-the-art complete solution for autonomous, off-grid, hybrid EV charging that will disrupt the EV charging landscape.

In addition, the executive remarked that the partnership will first launch its solutions in Israel and later around the world.

Finally, CEO at GenCell, commented. “As the number of electric vehicles increases, the demand for a wide network of distributed EV charging stations will grow exponentially.” He commented that EV charging solutions powered by hydrogen and ammonia will be a key solution for low carbon mobility for years to come.

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