Chart Industries secures 4 hydrogen and LNG orders totaling $120M

Chart Industries

Chart Industries, a leading diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment for the industrial gas and clean energy industries, announced this Wednesday it secured $120 million in orders for four liquefaction projects over the past week.

In addition, two of these liquified natural gas projects will close financing in 2022, according to the statement. The first project is for hydrogen liquefier, which will produce 15 tons per day of hydrogen. This project will start construction in North America. For Chart Industries, it will be the fourth hydrogen/helium liquefaction order of the year in 2021.

Moreover, the hydrogen liquefier project closes for Chart Industries $150 million in orders covering three different geographies and three different customers. The second project is a 60,000 bio LNG liquefaction project. This project will have an association with 20 bio LNG stations with Chart’s customer VERBIO.

Furthermore, the third project is a utility-scale LNG plant; it will be an integrated utility-scale liquefaction plant with the first hybrid (gas/electric) drive. The project will have a customer in Northeast US.

Additionally, the process in the plant will reduce emissions, as it will meet the highest standards set in the Northeast. The customer involved in the project will utilize both natural gas and RNG in this long-duration energy storage solution, meeting reliability and environmental targets.

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Chart Industries to deploy top-notch technology for the projects

On the other hand, the fourth project is also a utility-scale LNG plant. It will be a Nitrogen Refrigeration Cycle Liquefaction System at an existing LNG peak shaving facility for use by a regulated United States utility company.

For this project, Chart Industries will furnish a new gas turbine compressor, and will add a cold box, heavy hydrocarbon removal system, turbo expanders, and other associated equipment.

Jill Evanko, Chart’s CEO, said about the matter. “We are pleased that our hydrogen and LNG liquefaction process technology and equipment capabilities are recognized and utilized globally and across industries.”

Finally, he also remarked. “We view this past week’s awards and overall continued broad-based demand as strong indicators that the energy transition is accelerating. These orders give further support to our previously announced 2022 outlook.”

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