Vermilion Energy achieves top certification for Responsible Production

Vermilion energy

Vermilion Energy, an international energy producer, based in Canada, announced this Thursday it achieved certification under the EO100 Standard for Responsible Energy Development from Equitable Origin. Vermilion Energy got this certification for three of its natural gas production sites in west-central Alberta.

Firstly, Equitable Origin is a non-profit organization that created the first market-based mechanism to recognize and reward responsible energy producers. The EO100 Standard includes globally applicable ESG performance targets developed with extensive stakeholder input.

Consequently, through its certification program, Equitable Origin provides credible, independent recognition to energy developers that lead their sector in social and environmental performance.

Particularly, the Vermilion Energy certification includes an independent third-party assessment conducted in June and July 2021. It covered a policies and procedures review, in-person field visits; also interviews with workers, contractors, and management; and meetings with Indigenous leaders to verify performance.

Moreover, Vermilion is the third producer of natural gas in Canada to have achieved this rigorous certification. The company proved to have robust and effective ESG performance in the realms of corporate governance, transparency, and ethics; human rights, social impact and community development; Indigenous People’s rights; also, fair labor and working conditions; and climate change, biodiversity, and environment.

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Vermilion Energy demostrated ESG excelence

In addition, Curtis Hicks, Vermilion’s President, said. “This significant achievement demonstrates our continued commitment to the ESG leadership we have established over the past decade and helps achieve our goal of providing responsibly produced natural gas to the market.”

He also commented. “As the energy transition progresses, we believe it is essential to demonstrate verified excellence in the environmental and social conditions under which energy has been produced, including natural gas.”

The executive further noted that independent certifications such as Equitable Origin’s “provide an important signal about operational quality to stakeholders such as our investors, governments, and communities.”

Finally, Soledad Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Equitable Origin, commented. “In addition to meeting the standard for certification, which includes a commitment to continuous improvement, Vermilion demonstrated leading practices in several areas, including good faith consultation, land rights, community health and safety, and sustainable community investment.”

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