Electriq Power to provide equitable solar and maximize inclusion in the clean energy transition to Santa Barbara

Home energy storage system by Electriq Power, Inc.

Electriq Power, Inc. is a leading intelligent and integrated home energy storage solutions provider. The company, in conjunction with the City of Santa Barbara, signed an agreement to launch the Santa Barbara home energy storage system. This program will deliver affordable, sustainable, and resilient energy to Santa Barbara County residents through fully financed residential solar microgrids. The industry-leading energy storage solution is Power Pod 2, which will be the program’s intelligent home battery.


The Power Pod 2, home energy storage system.

Through the program’s City-vetted Power Purchase Agreement, Santa Barbara County homeowners will have access to Electriq’s smart home energy storage system. The included solar power system recharges this system. It will help achieve and provide the program’s key goal of offsetting 100% of each home’s electricity consumption and immediate savings over annual utility costs.

“At Santa Barbara Clean Energy, we are looking to improve local resilience by building local energy generation and storage. The Santa Barbara Home Power Program allows local residents to do just that while also gaining peace of mind against potential grid outages and rising prices,” said Alelia Parenteau, Acting Sustainability & Resilience Director, City of Santa Barbara, Sustainability & Resilience.


Mission to maximize inclusion.

The program is rooted in Electriq’s mission to maximize inclusion in the clean energy transition, regardless of socio-economics. This mission breaks with the usual financial barriers blocking low-to-moderate-income communities’ access to home energy storage system. In the process, they remove credit checks and property liens. The program also seeks to provide the same access to clean energy options for renters.

The intelligence and networking features of the PowerPod 2 enable users to avoid peak pricing spikes and benefit from resilience in the event of Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Also, support the region’s vulnerable electrical infrastructure. Conventional solar power systems without storage do not function during blackouts and add stress to the grid. The future solar + storage microgrids fleet will enable a more evolved grid to emerge as electrification. And Distributed Energy Resource (DER) deployments will accelerate while providing assets that can utilize for decades.


“We are pleased to have this opportunity to provide every Santa Barbara County homeowner, at any income level, with our sustainable and resilient energy solution,” said Frank Magnotti, CEO of Electriq Power. “At Electriq Power, we believe that access to clean, dependable energy should not be limited due to financial constraints. Rather, it should be available to anyone who needs it and sees its value in both saving money and contributing to a greener environment. We look forward to supporting similar clean energy community access programs in the future.”


 It can be of your interest: Energy Capital The Magazine, October edition.


About Electriq Power.

Electriq Power is an energy storage company developing fully integrated energy management and storage solutions for homes and small businesses. Based in California and Florida. Electriq Power seeks to expand access to renewable energy through residential solar and energy efficiency programs.

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