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Kruger Energy embarks in sustainable transportation

Kruger Energy

Kruger Energy, the business unit of Kruger Inc., specialized in renewable energy management and development, announced this week it has taken the first steps towards sustainable transportation. The company acquired two electric trucks that will serve in Quebec.

The acquisition involves two electric semi-trailer trucks. They will be among the first class 8 vehicles of its kind to hit the road in Canada. They will start operating as soon as this year’s end transporting Kruger’s goods between facilities in Quebec. The e-trucks will operate 24/7.

As a result of the purchase, the company expects a reduction of 380 tons of CO2 per year. This would be equivalent to removing about 90 passenger cars from our roads. However small, the implementation of the two vehicles on Kruger Energy’s operations is part of a broader intent. The company intends to go more sustainable; to further reduce its environmental footprint.

In fact, the project is one of the first efforts from Kruger Energy into the integration of renewable energy and the transportation realms. The company is indeed an expert in the construction and management of renewable energy power plants in Canada and the U.S.

In addition, in recent years, the company has expanded its expertise from hydroelectric, wind, and solar power to energy storage. The effort now involves sustainable transportation.

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Kruger Energy takes first step and sends a strong message

Consequently, the trucks, apart from transporting and delivering goods emissions-free, will serve as a receptacle of data. Kruger Energy intends to collect such data and analyze it to further expand its expertise in integrating renewables, storage, and sustainable transportation.

Furthermore, Jean Roy, Chief Operating Officer of Kruger Energy, said. “This is an exciting first step as we continue to explore opportunities to expand our fleet of alternatively fueled vehicles, and also to advise other companies that are ready to take the leap toward zero-emission transportation.”

He also commented. “The electrification of transportation is a natural extension of our capabilities at Kruger Energy and is consistent with our mission to develop renewable energy solutions that are beneficial to the environment and to our communities.”

On the other hand, Kruger Energy’s e-trucks are manufactured by Peterbilt. They are two Model 579EV trucks. Among the reasons Kruger chose Peterbilt as a manufacturer of choice were battery life, range, and pricing of the trucks. According to the statement, the models feature “optimal weight distribution, superior aerodynamics; also, advanced safety features, and a comfortable interior for the drivers.

Finally, Jason Skoog, Peterbilt General Manager, said. “As the first order of Class 8 heavy-duty Peterbilt EVs in Canada, Kruger Energy is setting a strong message throughout Canada that sustainable transportation using battery-electric commercial vehicles is a reality right now.”

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