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Sonoma County Airport to offset 100% of its electricity with solar

Sonoma County Airport

The Sonoma County Airport “Charles M. Schulz”, located in Santa Rosa, California, will offset the 100% of its electricity consumption; a new solar photovoltaic energy system will begin construction in the site that will help the facility to achieve such goal.

Firstly, solar energy contractor ForeFront Power will develop the solar energy system; it will have 884 kilowatts of capacity; the project will include a solar PV canopy system over Long Term Parking Lot B.

Secondly, according to the statement this system will offset the Airport’s greenhouse gas emissions; by generating enough clean, renewable electricity to power 100% of Airport operations.

Thirdly, the system will locate at the Airport’s parking lot; which will provide for valuable shade for cars parked in there. The solar system will be a fixed tilt, solar PV parking canopy comprising 2,010 LONGi LR4-72HPH 440 Watt panels. The project is expected to be completed by early 2022.

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Sonoma County Airport to operate its parking lot B at 50% capacity

Moreover, Director of Sonoma County Transportation & Public Works, Johannes Hoevertsz, said about the project. “We are excited to deliver this important project at the Airport. It is without a doubt another step in reducing our carbon footprint and addressing climate change.”

In addition, Board of Supervisors Chair, Lynda Hopkins, said. “This Solar Canopy Project is a great example of the type of project that Sonoma County needs to be undertaking. Through the production of clean, renewable electricity, Sonoma County will also be helping to offset the Airport’s greenhouse gas emissions; also, moving another action forward in its strategic efforts toward climate change prevention.”

On the other hand, according to the statement, due to the project location and timeline, Long Term Parking Lot B will be operating at fifty percent capacity or less; until the installation of the solar system is done. Also, to avoid bottlenecks for travelers, the Airport has launched street parking and valet options to help boost existing parking stock and services.

Finally, Charles Sohm, Chief Development Officer, ForeFront Power, said about the project. “ForeFront Power is pleased that we could help convert a significant component of Sonoma County’s infrastructure to clean, also, renewable energy. Also, this solar canopy is just one part of the Airport’s long-term sustainability strategy; we look forward to assisting the County with future initiatives.”

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