Renewable Energy portfolio for investors unveiled by Energea

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A new renewable energy portfolio for investors, 100% domestic, has been unveiled by Energea Global, the green investments manager company. The portfolio has the name of “Solar in the U.S.A.” And it will enable shareholders large or small, to invest in high-yielding solar projects located in the United States.

Firstly, the portfolio includes two solar projects; however, the company says that more projects will add to it, just as investors do. The first two projects are a 300-kilowatt power plant at West Elementary School in New Canaan, Connecticut. The second one is a 540-kilowatt plant on an industrial roof in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Secondly, the power generated in New Canaan will be purchased by the city of New Canaan, under contract; while Eversource Energy signed a long-term purchase agreement to acquire the power generated by the Waltham project.

Thirdly, the New Canaan project is currently operational while the Waltham project will begin construction in August; said Mike Silvestrini, Energea’s managing partner. As said above, more renewable energy projects throughout the Northeast and Virginia are currently in the pipeline.

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Solar in the U.S.A. not the only renewable energy equity portfolio by Energea

Consequently, they will enter the portfolio as soon as additional investors come forward. About it Silvestrini said. “This new portfolio is one of the only investment vehicles that offers investors concerned about global warming; the opportunity to invest in and collectively own carbon-free energy generation projects that are located in the United States.”

He also stated. “We are hoping the investment community embraces this new product as a win-win; a high-quality, high-yield investment that not only offers a much higher return on investment than your typical 401-K or IRA; but also helps reduce our carbon footprint and reverse climate change.”

On the other hand, the Solar in the U.S.A portfolio complements Energea’s ultra-high-yielding Brazilian portfolio; which is also available to any U.S. investor 18-years-of-age or older. Investments can be launched at the company’s website, here.

Finally, Energea is a renewable energy developer and also, portfolio manager; that connects investors to premium projects in select global markets. The company manages capital from individual, corporate and also institutional investors; currently manages more than $100 million in renewable energy projects which generate more than 70 megawatts of carbon-free energy across three continents.

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