Carbon Neutral Energy to bring top-notch energy storage tech to the U.S.

Carbon Neutral Energy

Carbon Neutral Energy, the UK-based renewable energy developer, is currently evaluating possible locations for its offices in the United States; from where the company intends to supply its energy storage solutions.

Firstly, the company is opening its U.S.-based location just after two months of launching the company in the UK. After the huge demand in the states for mobile energy storage solutions, Carbon Neutral Energy saw its potential market in America.

Consequently, the company is fast-tracking its American expansion; they hope their solutions help in grid reliability and to avoid energy crises like the one in Texas, after the cold snap.

Secondly, the company uses a hybrid energy scheme, with a range of mobile and modular energy storage systems; with a large capacity of battery storage. Such technology allows not only green electrification and emissions reduction, but also to address inadequacy in power infrastructure.

Thirdly, to fat track its expansion to the U.S., the company has embarked on a $300 million euros fund-raise; it has also made several executive and non-executive appointments, as it explores locations for its offices, to be in Texas.

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Carbon Neutral Energy to offer its solution fro grid reliability in Texas

Precisely the state where a major energy crisis emerged, as a result of a grid failure after a freezing storm. The company believes its solution can prevent these phenomena to happen again in the future, through the implementation of its tech.

Moreover, the company has invested in game-changing technology of the energy storage sector; technology that would meet the current demands and challenges, through the store and use of electricity made from renewable sources.

In fact, the solution that Carbon Neutral Energy offers ranges from battery storage capacity of 1MW to 5MW, both in the form of a mobile unit with a suite of smaller static modules that can also be combined to create mega storage banks.

In addition, about the expansion, Philip Patterson, Sales Director, said. “Battery storage is a vital in balancing the grid. Without storage, power emergencies such as those in Texas could occur again across the globe.”

He also said. “Damages from the blackouts were estimated at $195 billion; making this the costliest disaster in Texas’ history. So we believe the time to act is now and are getting into the US market early. Our vision is that our product range will help achieve greater efficiencies and also build resilience into the Texas grid.”

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