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U.S. Gain builds public RNG fueling station in CA


U.S. Gain today announced it partnered with AJR Trucking to build a renewable natural gas (RNG) station in Compton County, California. Accordingly, this project will help AJR Trucking and its sister company, MDB Transportation, reduce their emissions in the LA areas California needs the most.

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U.S. Gain and AJR Trucking on their new RNG fueling station for Compton County

Today, RNG and thermal supplier U.S. Gain announced it partnered with AJR Trucking to construct a new RNG station in Compton County, California. In fact, this project is part of AJR Trucking’s commitment to reduce its emissions the LA areas California needs the most. Therefore, U.S. Gain will build this station in Compton County, California.

“We’re widely known for our use of alternative fuel, specifically natural gas, throughout our operations,” said AJR Trucking’s CEO Jack Khudikyan. Now, “thanks to a partnership with U.S. Gain, we’re able to expand the use of clean RNG and fuel at a more convenient location. Thus, this new station brings environmental benefits to our fleet and ultimately, our community.”

In fact, AJR began its transition to natural gas several years ago, replacing more than one million gallons of diesel fuel with RNG. Hence, the company eliminated over 2,200 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, that’s the equivalent of removing 1,234 cars off the road or planting more than 149,747 trees.

Therefore, the new RNG fueling station will be at 425 E. Weber Avenue in Compton, California. Thus, it will be available to the public, allowing other fleets to fuel near the port and to use RNG.

Joining California’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions

Furthermore, the station features fast-fill capabilities and an easy-in, easy-out design. In fact, this was specifically created to accommodate heavy-duty trucks servicing the port.

Moreover, It will be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and meets the emission standards set by the Port of Long Beach and the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA).

“AJR is an example of what companies can achieve when they make sustainability a core part of their mission,” said Scott Hanstedt, U.S. Gain’s director of sales. Hence, “we’re honored to partner with such a sustainably-driven transportation company, like AJR Trucking. Furthermore, we are excited to see fueling demand build at this new station.

Additionally, “we look forward to supporting sustainability goals outlined by other fleets. Thus, in the form of building new natural gas, electric, and hydrogen fueling stations or simply supplying clean RNG to existing stations. Indeed, transportation emission reductions are a core focus for California. Therefore, we have the solutions to reduce a fleets’ environmental footprint in an economically beneficial way.”

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