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EnergyOrbit and Ekotrope partner up to enhance energy efficiency


EnergyOrbit, a software provider, and Ekotrope, an energy ratings facilitator have partnered up for the development of an energy efficiency solution that would help businesses and utilities to enhance their energy efficiency programs; companies announced this Tuesday.

Firstly, the integration will enable home energy rater to automatically and seamlessly use data for real-time utility validation and payment. The solution contemplates Ekotrope’s assessment data and EnergyOrbit’s validation of the data.

Secondly, the integration will make easier for utilities to factor ratings data. “Previously, organizations would need to go to another solution provider first to validate home energy scores, identify home locations, and more, adding time and the potential for error.” The company says in a statement.

Consequently, the solution “make it easier for utility or third-party program administrators to factor ratings data into their energy efficiency programs, beginning with pre-qualification of data.”

Moreover, companies estimate that, through their solution, customers will be able to save up to 60 or 80% time in those activities.

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EnergyOrbit and Ekotrope’s solution will also be focused on Energy Star homes

In addition, the technical integration of both companies will be initially focused on new Energy Star homes; which is a federal program run by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The program certifies products and also other solutions to deliver energy savings for customers; whether is private home consumption or is business consumption. In this regard, the integration from these companies will enable further savings in distributed energy and electrification.

Particularly, it will “push Ekotrope’s assessment data to EnergyOrbit for real-time utility program validation and payment; via a shared Salesforce API.”

“We want to provide a data highway for our customers. This new integration with EnergyOrbit’s solution removes the human element from data transfer and validation; providing a more streamlined process,” said Ziv Rozenblum, Ekotrope founder and CEO.

Finally, Udi Merhav, CEO and founder of EnergyOrbit, said. “We see the coming growth in more distributed energy and electrification implementations. This broadens our footprint in the DSM landscape to best serve our commitment to protecting the environment and also addressing climate change.”

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