Enbridge with open bid season for storage services at largest hubs in N.A

Enbridge Gas

Enbridge Gas Inc announced this Monday it has an open bidding season for peak storage services at one of the biggest natural gas storage hubs in North America.

Firstly, the bids for storage services will start as early as April, 2021. Open season will be for the Dawn Hub storage facility, located in southwestern Ontario.

Secondly, the Dawn Hub provides shippers with direct access no North America’s major supply areas. In fact, it has multiple supply routes from the Appalachia region, the Rockies and the Gulf of Mexico.

It also has the ability to serve markets in the mid-west, and eastern Canada, as well as the northern U.S. Indeed, it is one of North America’s most reliable secure sources for liquid natural gas trading and transporting.

Consequently, Enbridge gas will offer this open biding season for shippers seeking access to flexible, customized storage capacities specifically for storage peaking service needs.

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Enbridge with more than 170 years offering gas solutions

Shippers can submit bids with up to 2 BCF for a minimum term of two years or longer, according to the statement.

Some of the benefits of the Enbridge Gas peak Storage Services, are: capture daily, monthly and seasonal price volatility/spreads; balanced demand and supply needs, as well as meeting peaking requirements; it diversifies supply and protect downstream markets.

It also, fixes gas costs and offers protection from gas price run-ups; in addition, it improves the load factor on upstream and downstream pipelines by right sizing storage; and bundles storage with other services like C1/M12 transportation to satisfy market opportunities in Ontario, Quebec, and the U.S. Northeast.

Finally, Enbridge Gas is Canada’s largest natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company. It has more than 170 years of service to customers.

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