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    Energy and utility businesses must improve and optimize their internal processes to improve competitiveness and show more consistent performance. Digital transformation offers tremendous potential, but management teams are often challenged with knowing where to begin. Many are now looking at an integrated requirements management approach as a cost-effective first step to provide real process improvements without overwhelming the staff or breaking the budget. Register for the eBook to learn more.


    Streamline supply chain collaboration and accuracy by automating your requirements management

    Major capital projects have complex supply chains where each stakeholder is focused on meeting their project scope within the defined schedule and cost. By automating the digital translation of each contract requirement or specification so that it can be tracked and controlled, projects benefit from a consistent, closed-loop capability to make sure each item is completed as expected. That’s not to say there won’t be any issues along the way, but you will reduce the number of surprises that historically can become very expensive if not caught early.

    Respond faster and more accurately with bid & tender management capabilities

    Whether you’re an energy and utilities owner-operator creating bid & tend documentation, or a supplier responding to them, speed and accuracy remain critical components of any successful project. Adopting a requirements management approach allows project team members to quickly author or collect project requirements and bid specifications with complete change management and traceability so that they can do more with less.

    Ensure project specifications align with operational requirements for predictable asset performance

    Easily author and collect operational requirements so that the required project specifications are included in the project documentation to ensure they are met. Create visual indicators and interactive dashboards to accurately track project progress and dependencies, allowing the team to have a heightened awareness of the exact status of each critical deliverable.

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