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Enegix Energy to build largest green hydrogen plant ever in Brazil

Enegix Base One Brazil

Enegix Energy, leading renewable energy company, will build the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in Brazil; specifically, in Ceará, where the company just signed a memorandum of understanding with the state governor, Camilo Santana. The company announced it this Monday.

Firstly, the investment for the project is over the USD$5,4 billion. The plant would have a total capacity of 600 million kilograms of green hydrogen per year. It will produce this output from an already contracted 3,4 gigawatts of solar and also wind input from Enerwind.

Secondly, the project, called Base One, will prove for Enegix a strategical location, with access to all major international markets. Also, the site’s location is about 500 hectares long in the Port of Pacém; where the company will have enough water input to run the electrolysis.

Thirdly, as said above, the facility will run a 100% with renewable energy; entirely zero emissions as it will harness solar and also wind potential from the port; as for wind, the facility will have onshore and offshore wind input. This would allow Base One to expand over 100 GW to meet the global demand.

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Enegix Base One

Enegix will operate the largest emission reduction project in the world

Moreover, construction of Base One will take three or four years; period in which the company will create thousands of jobs; consequently, “allowing the employment of hundreds of full-time operational staff to manage the facility, with also far-reaching, positive social benefits to the local community and the state.”

In addition, Wesley Cook, Enegix CEO, said. “For us, hydrogen represents a version of the future we aspire to. A new way to power our lives without polluting and destroying what matters most, our home.”

“Base One will turn Ceará into a major hydrogen export location and establish Enegix as a global renewable power producer; aligning with our vision and strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and also cost-effective zero-carbon grids.” Cook also stated.

Finally, upon operation, Base One will avoid up to 10 million tons of carbon dioxide er year; which will turn it into the single largest carbon emission reduction project in the world. “A hydrogen economy is possible now, we must take the initiative and build it so that everyone can benefit from the universe’s most abundant element.”

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