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In our investors category you can find pieces about finance and its impact on energy industry. As investors are the first link of development, a category aimed to such information was crucial.

Here you can find news about commodities and their market behavior; for example, oil and natural gas prices. Also news about funds, acquisitions, mergers and business opportunities such as biddings and leases.

Some of our recent news for this category include the fundraising of a green investment fund from Macquarie; the latest report on crude oil prices, as well as an open season of storage services, for midstream operators.

Finally, in here you will find valuable information to make choices on where your money should go.


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Cancham asks Mexico to be a serious trade partner– USMCA

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Cancham) asked the Mexican government to engage in investment attraction activities. According to the institution, Mexico can strengthen the regional...
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Digital transformation and technology acceleration due to COVID-19 – Emerson

Digital transformation and technology have accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic arrival. Emerson representatives expressed the industry has matured quickly digitally as a collateral effect...