Biden Showcases Electrolyzer Manufacturing Facility as Part of Investing in America Tour

Biden Cummins Minnesota

Biden Showcases Electrolyzer Manufacturing Facility as Part of Investing in America Tour. On April 3rd, President Biden visited the Cummins Power Generation Facility in Fridley, Minnesota. Also, Cummins will dedicate 89,000 square feet of the facility to electrolyzer production later this month. It is a significant step in the company’s commitment to renewable energy. This announcement comes after President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022. Additionally, the act has played a crucial role in incentivizing the shift toward clean energy technology.

The Inflation Reduction Act provides tax credits for renewable energy, which have enabled Cummins to manufacture their electrolyzers in the United States for the first time. “Cummins is turning this part of the factory … into a new production line for clean energy technology,” said President Biden during the visit. The facility will re-train 600 diesel engine workers and create 100 new jobs, resulting in 700 employees working on clean energy technology.

Certainly, investments in electrolyzer manufacturing will help expand clean hydrogen production, essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, these investments will create good-paying jobs and strengthen clean energy supply chains within the United States. The Investing in America tour highlights the impact of various initiatives. It includes the Inflation Reduction Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Moreover, it includes the American Rescue Plan in creating a clean-energy economy, rebuilding infrastructure, and promoting a manufacturing boom.

Cummins has been a long-time partner of the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (HFTO) since 2004. Cummins and HFTO are working on two projects aimed at (i) developing and demonstrating high-volume manufacturing processes for solid-oxide electrolyzer cells and stacks. And (ii) advancing proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems for heavy-duty transportation applications.

The Investing in America tour is a three-week journey across over 20 states. It features visits by President Biden, Vice President Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, Cabinet members, and senior White House officials. The tour aims to showcase the impact of the president’s Investing in America agenda. It emphasizes its role in driving the clean energy transition, rebuilding infrastructure, and creating jobs nationwide.

In conclusion, the Investing in America tour highlights the administration’s commitment to promoting clean energy, job creation, and infrastructure development. Minnesota’s Cummins Power Generation Facility exemplifies how the Inflation Reduction Act and other initiatives can foster innovation, manufacturing, and economic growth in the renewable energy sector.

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