Q Cells partners with Kendall for project development and financing

Q Cells

Q Cells North America, a leading energy solutions provider, announced this Monday it secured a partnership with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI), development and financing firm managing investments in distributed generation, including solar energy and energy storage projects.

Firstly, the partnership will allow for both companies to collaborate on project co-development and financing. Under the agreement, Q Cells will bring its full suite of solutions including Energy Management Software, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), and renewable energy hardware.

In addition to this, the company allocated capital to invest into KSI projects in the US, including those using solar energy modules, BESS, grid services, and other solutions.

Furthermore, for select energy storage projects, the company will offer its Grid Equity financing product. The design of this product will allow the de-risking of energy storage projects in KSI’s project portfolio.

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Q Cells to offer its complete solutions portfolio

As a result, the Grid Equity solution will optimize the value of energy storage systems by participating in the ISO wholesale markets and demand response programs. Dan Loflin, Vice President of Q Cells, said about the partnership. “We see this partnership as an impactful step forward in demonstrating our capabilities as a complete energy solutions provider.”

He also remarked. “We look forward to engaging in project development initiatives with KSI through providing our hardware, software, and financing solutions designed to maximize returns while de-risking energy storage revenues.”

On the other hand, John Chaimanis, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KSI commented. “Teaming up with Q Cells enhances our competitiveness by adding a rare capability in the marketplace. Q Cells brings outstanding reliability and will-timed innovation.”

Finally, He also remarked. “Working together will allow us to continue delivering on our promise of ‘value-added finance’ in a world of commodity capital. We are excited to leverage Q Cells complete energy solutions package.”

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