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Hydropower to be boosted by Natel Energy; secures $20M in funding

Hydropower RHT

Hydropower solutions will be boosted by the leading company in the field Natel Energy; it announced this Thursday it secured $20 million in a funding round, led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and supported by Chevron Technology Ventures.

Firstly, the company will use the funds to build momentum and further deploy its Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT); a top-notch technology hydropower turbine that enables cost-effective production of distributed reliable renewable energy; while supporting the health and climate resilience of watershed ecosystems.

Secondly, the fund securement comes after two successful project deployments from the company; the Monroe Hydro project in Madras, Oregon; with its first of its kind design; with the implementation in the project of the RHT turbine; a 1MW turbine that currently contributes to the generation of 100% renewable energy to the local grid.

Thirdly, this project also had a fish passage testing, conducted by the Pacific Northwest National Lab, which concluded that RHT turbines from Natel are safe and reliable for fish and marine wildlife; granting its hydropower generation with further sustainability.

Indeed, Natel’s Restoration Hydro Turbine is a compact propeller-style turbine with specially designed blades that allow fish to pass safely. The turbine has a compact footprint that reduces total installed cost and enables plant designs that maintain or improve river connectivity.

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Reliable hydropower will boost renewables adoption

It is also suitable for upgrading or repowering existing small hydro plants with modern; high-performance fish safe turbines; for adding a new generation to existing non-power dams; and also, for new hydro developments.

Consequently, the funds secured by the company will enable the hydropower market to have a new and more reliable supplier. About such matters, Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, said. “Natel’s RHT is the most cost-effective and also environmentally safe solution for fully unlocking the power of additional sustainable hydropower generation.”

In addition, Gia Schneider, CEO and co-founder of Natel, said. “The future of renewable energy, and specifically hydropower; hinges on the ability to consider environmental impacts of deployment alongside the urgent need to shift our grid for a more sustainable future; Natel’s solutions do just that.”

Finally, the executive remarked. “Natel Energy is on pace to grow the footprint of modern, distributed; also, fish safe hydropower as a climate-resilient solution supporting the transition to a reliable, zero carbon grid.”

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