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Rockwell Automation: increasing security through digital transformation

Rockwell Automation Perspectives

Rockwell Automation launched its 30th annual Automation Fair this week, for the first time both in the digital and in-person formats, after Covid. In this edition, the company said it is going towards Industry 5.0, which combines and expands the capabilities of automation into autonomy through artificial intelligence.

Blake Moret, president, and CEO, inaugurated the Fair by speaking at ‘Perspectives,’ the initial keynote session. There, he pointed out that the company has had profound changes since the pandemic. And not only Rockwell Automation but also its customers and partners. He said that the companies able to add resilience, agility, sustainability, and simplicity to their production would be the ones to stand out in the new panorama.

Rockwell Automation 2021
Blake Moret, CEO, speaking at Rockwell Automation Fair 2021

Consequently, the new solutions that Rockwell Automation is launching are aligned with these objectives. The executive remarked that the supply chain disruptions and price volatility had pushed manufacturing companies to stay ahead and implement digital solutions to ride the wave.

As a result, Rockwell Automation has made several acquisitions and conducted synergies with key partners to offer true flexibility, resilience, etcetera. These capabilities would be enabled by intelligent devices that gather data and leverage its flows to anticipate disruptions. As a result, automation has become essential for industrial activities. “You cannot make six billion vaccines manually and meet the demands of the market.” Moret said.

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Recent acquisitiosn uplifting the solutions portfolio of Rockwell Automation

However, these solutions need to develop a holistic approach that offers a systemic vision of the assets. That’s what Rockwell Automation offers; a complete suite of solutions that are easy to use; easy to understand and to operate, and with a level of cybersecurity up for the task.

Rockwell Automation Fair Perducat
Cyril Perducat SVP & Chief Technology Officer speaking at Rockwell Automation Fair 2021.

About this matter Cyril Perducat, Chief Technology Officer of the company, spoke. He insisted that Rockwell’s solutions are spearheading the 5.0 industry; doing it by combining the powers of automation, self-learning, and artificial intelligence and implementing them into the whole production line. From sensors to the clod, Rockwell’s solutions intend to “close the loop.” Perducat said.

Finally, to wrap up the conversation, Brian Shepherd, Vice President of Software, Controls, said that new products from Rockwell like the Armor Power Flex and the recent acquisitions of AVATA and Plex Systems are enabling Rockwell to uplift its portfolio of solutions.

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