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Rockwell Automation: cybersecurity solutions with holistic approach

Rockwell Automation Cybersecurity

Rockwell Automation is advancing cybersecurity technologies second to none in the sector. Cybersecurity has become one of the key points for industry operators, especially after the Colonial Pipeline hack.

During Rockwell’s 30th Automation Fair celebrated this week, company executives spoke about its solutions and how they are unmatched in the industry. At a press conference, speakers noted how cybersecurity was critical during 2021.

However, despite cybersecurity’s primary role, its implementation still lags across the industry sectors, specifically in manufacture. “Frequently, all of these can be overwhelming for a client. There’s so much to do before, during, and after an incident. Sometimes our clients do not know where to begin.” Angela Rapko, Vice President of Lifecycle IQ Services at Rockwell, said.

Firstly, the executive noted, “we need a basic understanding of what the risks are; a notion on how to face them. From there, we can launch an informed strategy and implement a ‘cyber hygiene program,'” she said.

Precisely there is where Rockwell Automation’s services come in handy. The company has strengthened its cybersecurity portfolio and has created synergies with key partners to offer a holistic approach. Therefore, it is able to provide solutions for OT/IT systems and beyond.

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Rockwell Automation Cybersecurity 2
Rockwell Automation with a four-pieced cybersecurity offering

Rockwell Automation leveraging top international security certifications

Moreover, the company acquired in 2020 the Israeli cybersecurity company Avnet. It also acquired the Spanish company Oylo, specialized in industrial cybersecurity, incident response, and more. From both transactions, Rockwell leverages decades of solid experience in the field and potentiates its offering.

However, Rockwell’s executives noted that the company’s solutions do not limit to cybersecurity only. They also leverage key partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle; top ISO and IEC certifications, and the launching of Lifecycle IQ Services. Conjoining these four pillars, Rockwell Automations offers predictive intelligence, the highest security standards, and easy-to-use and easy asset implementations of the software and devices.

Consequently, industrial users can “assess, mitigate, control, manage and monitor cyber hygiene through the assets, the production line, and personnel.” Ms. Rapko underlined.

Finally, and also participating in the press conference, Ted Haschke, Manager, Business Development of TUV Rheinland, said. “For oil and gas, a cybersecurity incident also means production drags; and a low pace in production means the loss of millions of dollars.” Shoshana Wodzisz, Manager, Products and Security at Rockwell, agreed and added. “There’s also a small bridge between security and the quality of products. If assets are not secure, neither the products and the whole production line.”

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