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Bp and Mercedes trials In-Truck-Pay, an innovative app for fuel trading

bp in truck app

Bp and Mercedes have successfully tested the first digital application for in-truck fuel payment operations. The app is an innovative approach that intends to make fuel purchasing ‎and management faster, more efficient, and more secure for truck drivers and ‎fleet managers.

Firstly, the companies conducted the trials in the UK with Wren Kitchens, one of Mercedes’ major customers. In fact, Wren Kitchens won five trophies at this month’s prestigious Motor Transport Awards. Therefore, it provided an ideal platform for the testing.

Moreover, the application has been developed for the latest-generation Mercedes-‎Benz Actros, specified with Multimedia Cockpit, Interactive. This allows to incorporate the Truck App Portal; an open platform that fleet ‎managers can easily assign apps to their vehicles via a Multi-Touch Display.

In addition, the app ‎eliminates errors, provides accurate information to managers, and removes the need ‎for drivers to enter mileage themselves. Furthermore, it automatically sends purchases, mileage, and other data back to base. The app only requires drivers to confirm the site, ‎unlock the pump and refuel.

Consequently, the driver doesn’t need to pay in the shop or enter any other data. The app directly logs the fuel transaction paying it for itself. Indeed, eliminating the need for fuel cards; ‎removing complications from managing lost or damaged cards, and the risk of ‎fraudulent card use.‎

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Bp delivering a solution to ease fuel management for operators

On the other hand, the digital app comes as Mercedes-Benz launched in UK a poll to customers. It asked them what type of app they would like developers to offer that ‎could help their businesses. Top of the list was ‘solutions that address refueling ‎issues.’ Moreover, Wren Kitchens used ‎bp In-Truck Pay for the current test with 11 vehicles from its fleet.

About such matter, Lee Thompson-Halls, national fleet manager for Wren Kitchens, said. “The trials have shown an increase in efficiency, with savings of approximately five ‎minutes per transaction. When you add that up over time, it will have a hugely ‎positive impact on our business, which delivers over 100,000 kitchens per year ‎across the UK.”

On the other hand, Alexandru Eftimiu, bp’s VP fleet Europe, said: “We aim to provide innovative digital ‎solutions to make customers’ lives easier. bp In-Truck Pay shifts how we connect ‎with our customers through digital and online platforms. It makes life easier and ‎more convenient for both managers and drivers of commercial fleets.”

Finally, Richard Skidmore, head of customer service delivery, Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK. Remarked. “bp In-‎Truck Pay demonstrates perfectly how the Truck App Portal can amplify the benefit ‎of running Mercedes-Benz trucks by helping customers to save money, increase ‎efficiency and retain drivers.”

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