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Valverde Power Solutions and CES partner on CCUS technology

Valverde Power Solutions and CES partner on CCUS technology

Clean energy company Valverde Power Solutions Inc. and Clean Energy Systems, Inc. today announced that VPS entered into a definitive Master License Agreement. Therefore, this deal would grant VPS the right to utilize the CES Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology; this would particularly aim for 15 already-identified clean power and carbon capture and sequestration projects.

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Worth noting, those projects are located in the North American region: in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

About the CES Oxy-Fuel combustion technology

The CES Oxy-Fuel Burner indeed allows the generation of electricity with 100% carbon capture. Accordingly, this creates clean power while efficiently utilizing domestically produced natural gas.

According to the companies, they will leverage the opportunities that come with the Master License Agreement. They also noted CES’s minority ownership position in VPS.

They also noted that entering into a collaborative partnership will further advance the Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology in oil and gas fields. Similarly, it will positively impact other industrial applications.

The companies also expressed the potentialities of natural gas in be converted into carbon-neutral electricity. Similarly, the carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestered could be provided to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operators. 

They pointed out that oilfield operations can now easily harness clean energy while reducing their carbon footprint at the field level. 

Indeed, CO2 and electricity comprise two of the most significant operating expense components of EOR operations. Thus, the companies shared that significant OPEX efficiencies can be achieved through the VPS plant design and the Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology.  

Reception at Valverde and CES

The agreement will also enable VPS to produce a reliable and stable supply of clean electricity. Therefore, it will complement other clean sources of electricity from renewables. Moreover, it will end up contributing to an integrated power grid for the regional economies.

Per the announcement, Gareth Roberts, VPS CEO, said; “At Valverde, we have expertise in the transport and sequestration of CO2. “

Besides, Roberts recognized that combining that expertise with the CES technology will provide; “by far, the cheapest and most efficient method of producing dependable electric power with zero emissions.”

Similarly, Keith Pronske, CES President & CEO, stated; “We’re excited about our partnership with the VPS team and look forward to rapidly developing several carbon-neutral projects in North America.”

Lastly, Pronske said CES can “see a very bright future for zero-emissions power plants with full carbon capture.”

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